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How does Springhill maintain its excellent education with all the state budget cuts?

California has one of the lowest funding- per-student ratios in the nation.  Because we have such a supportive parent community that values education, we can supplement public funding through the financial and volunteer efforts of our parents.  Without this generous support, many programs would not exist. Here’s how it works:


The Annual Giving Campaign:  Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) is the sole education foundation for Lafayette, working to give your child the most complete education we can. These annual donations can be made either online at  Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE) is asking for a suggested tax-deductible donation of $1300 per child to help fund teacher aides, technology needs for students, teachers and staff, arts, science, music (both choral and instrumental) and so much more.  If you cannot give the full amount, please give as fully and as generously as you can.  By giving a contribution that works for your family, you are supporting your child and your child’s education, at your child’s school, every day, in every way. Make a single payment, 10 monthly payments, contribute for all your K-12 students in one transaction or make a pledge.  LPIE bridges the gap from the first day to graduation day.


Volunteers:  Parent time in the classroom and for school events like the Fall Picnic, Art and Science Fairs, Book Fair to name a few, enhance our children’s education and we can’t do it without you.


How do I find out what’s going on at school?

Springhill offers many ways to keep parents informed about the happenings at our school.   The most frequent communication methods are:


Website:  Go to to download the school calendar, get in touch with PFC and committee representatives, school directory and more.


Spotlight:  A weekly electronic newsletter from both the PFC and administration is a great way to be informed.  Once you setup your account, you will be automatically added to the Spotlight Newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. 


Friday Folder:  Weekly envelope filled with flyers, forms and student work is sent home by each teacher.


Room Parent Emails:  Periodic emails, usually about time-sensitive events, will be sent to you by your room parent.


Welcome to our school!  We look forward to meeting you and seeing you at our school functions.  


What is the timing for the typical school day for Grades 1-5?

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday school runs from 8:30am-2:42pm

On Wednesday, school runs from 8:30am-1:42pm


What is the typical school day for Kindergarten?

Early Kindergarten is from 8:15am-12:45pm, Late Kindergarten is from 9:30am-2pm

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Wednesday all children attend from 8:15am-11:45am


What is gentle beginnings for kindergarten? And when is it?

Gentle beginnings is a 10 day period of time for kindergartners to ease their way into school. All students go from 8:15am-11:45am from August 21- August 31.


Can siblings come to the Springhill picnic?

Yes. All family members are welcome.


Are there baby changing stations on the campus?



Where are the bathrooms?

The best place to use the restroom is in the multi-purpose room. It is easiest to find, if you are new to the campus.


Do I bring my child with me to Back to School Night (BTSN)?

No. This is for parents only.


Do I need to reserve a spot for my child in the before/after school care program, Hideout?

Yes.  Hideout is an independently run program at Springhill.  Their program provides a warm, nurturing, creative and stimulating environment for each child.  They provide a quality enrichment program, which includes creative art, sports, drama, cooking, cultural awareness and field trips into our community during summer camp.  The teachers plan the activities according to age and skill levels and can be used before or after school.

Updated: July 14, 2018

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