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Our new Springhill PFC Website is now live!


Registration for 2017-18 school year is now open.  Please see registration information below.


Save the date....

 - PFC General Meeting Wednesday, Sept. 6th at 7p
   in the Springhill Library

 - Back to School Picnic Friday, September 9th 


If you already have a Membership Toolkit account with another organization,
you can use the same log-in here. Need more information?  


2017 Scorpion Day Registration


Just a few steps to complete your child's 2017-18 Springhill Registration Process.


Step 1 - Residency Verification 

Step 2 - Create Springhill PFC Membership Toolkit Account (New for 2017)

Step 3 - Follow Reghub District + Springhill Registration process (includes purchases and forms)

Step 4 - Attend Scorpion Day to get your child's teacher assignment

Steps 1-3 must be done BEFORE Scorpion Day, on AUGUST 18, 2017.


For questions regarding Scorpion Day contact scorpionday@springhillpfc.org and ltorre@lafsd.k12.ca.us.


For questions regarding Springhill PFC Membership Toolkit and Registration contact webmaster@springhillpfc.org



Step 1 


Every returning family (except those with an incoming kindergartener) need to annually provide proof of residency in order to attend Scorpion Day or the 1st day of school.

  • View acceptable documents on the district website
  • Remaining Reverification Days/Times:
    - District Office: 8/2 (4:30–7:00)
    - Stanley Middle School: 8/7, 8/9, 8/14, 8/16 (4:30–7:00)
    - Springhill Elementary8/10 (12:00p-4:00), 8/11 (8:00a-12:00p), 8/15 (8:00a-4:00p)


Note: Families with siblings at both elementary school and middle school should re-verify at Stanley Middle School or the District Office to receive “Golden Tickets” for each student in the district.  


Step 2 

Create New Springhill PFC Membership Toolkit Account

Why? New this year Springhill PFC is using an online tool called Membership Toolkit for back-to-school registration.  All families must create an account to complete registration. Accounts will be used to setup student directory, donate, volunteer, purchase optional items including PFC membership, yearbooks and spirit wear, and signup for the weekly newsletter, Springhill Spotlight.


Signing up with Membership Toolkit is not the same as joining the PFC.


To create account simply Login and follow prompts. Please use the email you want to use for on-going communications from Springhill PFC. You will be asked to verify your email address. 




Step 3


NOTE: Families will receive a mail notification asking you to register following the Lafayette School District Reghub website.


Sign onto Reghub.org to complete the following steps.

   1. LPIE Annual Giving Campaign
   2. Springhill Registration through Membership Toolkit
   3. School District Demographic Update


Springhill Registration Steps will include:

  • Family Directory Information and Publish preferences
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Back to School Picnic Volunteer and Activity Band packet
  • Scorpion Fund PFC Donation
  • PFC Membership
  • eScrip & Amazon Smiles
  • Yearbook
  • Spirit Wear
  • Label purchase
  • 5th Grade Tshirt purchase
  • 5th Grade Play participant registration

2017-18 Springhill Registration Process


Return to the District Reghub site to complete Step 3. An email confirmation will be sent which you will use to attend Scorpion Day to receive your child's teacher assignment.


For questions regarding Springhill Registration contact webmaster@springhillpfc.org


For questions regarding District Level Registration contact msibley@lafsd.org


Step 4 

SCORPION DAY - AUGUST 18th 8:00a - 10:00a

Bring BOTH your Resident Verification "Golden Ticket" as well as email confirmation that you completed the Reghub/Springhill process to get into Scorpion Day and receive your child(ren)'s teacher information. 


What exactly are these two papers?

1) The Golden Ticket is a Gold colored paper you should have received when you did Residency Verification.


2) You'll also need the LSD-Aries email confirmation showing you entered/verified your student's Reghub information in system (which is at the District level). The subject line of that email (which comes from LSD-Aries) will read something like 'Student Data Confirmation for: (your child's name)...'


Note: For Springhill, we just ask you at least please create an account in the Springhill PFC Membership Toolkit website (this website) and fill out your Personal Information and any forms available regardless of purchases (Step 2 and 3 listed above). You won't need an email confirmation of this activity. We will have a list of all family accounts in the Springhill PFC Website system to check off if the step was completed. 


Why am I filling out contact information in Reghub/LSD-Aries AND Springhill PFC Website?

The Reghub/LSD-Aries is the district level system so things like progress reports. Our new Springhill PFC Website is what we will use this year to communicate ongoing events specific to Springhill as well as signups and purchases and thus need each family to create an account in this tool regardless of publishing preferences in the directory.  Apologies for the redundancy.


What is Scorpion Day? A chance to obtain your child's teacher information and learn more about Springhill and various programs.  Anyone is welcome to attend including your child. To help with flow and parking we ask that you adhere to these specific times:

8:00am-8:30am      New Families 

8:30am-9:15am      Returning Families A-L

9:15am-10:00am    Returning Families M-Z
10:30am-11:00am  Kindergarten Lemonade Day





You're done! Now we hope you continue to make an effort to get involved, volunteer, or just say hi. The more we work together as a community to build an education for our children the better our community as a whole. 


For any questions regarding Springhill PFC and how you can be a part of your child's school experience please contact Jackie Zirkel, president of this year's PFC at  president@springhillpfc.org.



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