Why Raise Funds? 

As Springhill parents, we are so fortunate to send our children to a truly exceptional public school. Lafayette receives substantially less money from the state than most other California school districts due to the Local Control Funding Formula.  As a result, our schools require more money than they receive.   Along with our fantastic teachers and staff, a major reason behind the high caliber of a Springhill education is the funding that we, the parents, provide to both the PFC and Lafayette Partners in Education (LPIE).   


Don't forget our highly ranked schools end up driving the value of the place we call home. It's a mutually benefiting environment when we care enough to create the schools that provide an enriching environment for all of those involved.


Every Springhill family is asked to make two donations per student: one to the Springhill PFC (Scorpion Fund) and one to LPIE. Whether you can give the full suggested amounts or not, we encourage you to give what you can. Every child benefits and every dollar really does count!


PFC FUNDS Springhill Specific Resources

  • Classroom supplies and books
  • Library books
  • Field trips and Ocean Week
  • Physical Education through Club Fit instructor
  • Curriculum through reading lab aide, garden specialist and math intervention specialist
  • Computer, science, reading, music, garden and pottery supplies
  • Couseling support
  • Playground equipment
  • Emergency preparedness supplies
  • New families welcome and community building events like the Fall Picnic and Parent Social
  • Student assemblies and parent education


Our Annual Giving Campaign is called PFC Scorpion Fund. During the beginning of the year registration, you'll be asked for this contribution. If you did not make it then, you can make it now using link below. The suggested donation is $200 per student. We appreciate any donation amount. Thank you!



LPIE funds academic programs at springhill

  • Science with Ms. Bornfleth
  • Music with Mrs. Brummel, Mrs. Louis & Mr. Speers and LPIE music aides
  • Instructional aides in each classroom
  • Classroom and computer technology
  • Art, social studies and science classes
  • Art and science fairs

To learn more about LPIE learning for K-5th please visit LPIE site. Suggested donation is $1,000 per student. During regular registration at the start of each school year, you'll be asked to donate to LPIE but if you'd like to learn more or individually donate to LPIE please visit the LPIE Donation Page.



Of course, the more funding available, the better programs we can offer. With that in mind, we don't just rely on PFC Scorpion Fund to help create the environment we want for our kids. In addition to our PFC Funds, we also take part in the following fundraising events:



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