We are excited for the new year and hope you are too! You may notice both our Springhill School Website and our Springill PFC Website have gone through some updates. We hope you will take some time to review both sites as valuable on-going information is available on both. You are currently on the Springhill PFC Website. If you are familiar with this process, feel free to get started by reviewing/completing ALL forms available below. If you need more guidance, please see information available BELOW the table of forms. 




If this is your first time you will need to create a new account in the Springhill PFC Membership Toolkit (this website). Returning families will need to re-verify their personal information. Please see full instructions below table of forms for complete explanation.



 Note: If you see table of forms directly below, you are already logged in.


IMPORTANT: In order to obtain your child's teacher assignment for Scorpion Day (mascot day), you will need two email confirmations detailed below.


Springhill Scorpion Day - Monday, August 20th 2018

8:00am-8:30am      New Families 

8:30am-9:15am      Returning Families A-L

9:15am-10:00am    Returning Families M-Z
10:30am-11:00am  Kindergarten Lemonade Day


Please review/complete all Springhill Open Forms listed below:




Just a few steps to complete your child's 2018-19 Springhill Registration Process.


Step 1 - Residency Verification 

Step 2 - Reghub District Process

Step 3 - Springhill Registration (includes purchases and forms)

Step 4 - Attend Scorpion Day to get your child's teacher assignment

Steps 1-3 must be done BEFORE Scorpion Day, Monday AUGUST 20, 2018.



Step 1 


Every returning family (except those with an incoming kindergartner) need to annually provide proof of residency in order to attend Scorpion Day or the 1st day of school.


  • If you obtained residency verification online in May, you should have received a confirmation email from residency@lafsd.org stating: "Your 2018-2019  Proof of Residency has been verified. Please keep a copy of this email for your records. Thank you."


  • If you did not obtain residency verification online in May, you will need to do so BEFORE Scorpion Day. 


  • In Person Residency Verification will only be taking place at Stanley Middle School August 7, 8, 9, 14, 15, and 16 4:30pm - 7:00pm


  • IMPORTANT: Re-verification will not be available at Scorpion Day, Monday August 20, 2018.




You will need this residency verification email during Scorpion Day to be given your child's teacher.



For questions regarding District Level Registration contact msibley@lafsd.org



Step 2 


Starting at the end of July, families will receive a mailer with instructions on logging in to the Lafayette District Reghub system to complete registration. This will include entering in your contact information into the district system. This system is used by the district for many different things like mailing report cards.


  • From RegHub registration, you will also be asked to complete your local school registration (Springhill) which will bring you here. See Step 3 to complete Springhill Registration.


  • After you complete Springhill Registration, you'll go BACK to the Reghub system to confirm all steps were completed. Upon completion you will receive an email confirmation from the District.


You will need Reghub District email confirmation on Scorpion Day to receive your child's teacher assignment.


For questions regarding District Level Registration contact msibley@lafsd.org


Step 3


New Families - All families (including Kindergarten families) must create an account in this Springhill PFC "Membership Toolkit" website to complete registration.


  • Accounts will be used to setup student directory, donate, volunteer, purchase optional items including PFC membership, yearbooks and spirit wear, and signup for the weekly newsletter - Springhill Spotlight.
  • Signing up does not mean you will be part of the Parent Faculty Club (Springhill PFC) and is required for all families.
  • Why Register with Springhill PFC Membership Toolkit?


To create account:

  • Simply Login and follow prompts.
  • Use an email you would like to use for on-going communications from the Springhill PFC.
  • Make note of your email and password as you will use it often throughout the year for this site.
  • You will be asked to verify your email address. 


Once you create an account, please fill out ALL forms listed above in the table of forms (must be logged in to see table with forms). Note these are the same forms that are listed in your Open Forms page.


Returning Families - If you already have a Springhill PFC Website account, simply login with same credentials as you did last year and update any Personal Information.


  • You will see your child has been automatically promoted to the next year.
  • Once you confirm your Personal Information, please review/complete ALL forms listed above in the Springhill Open Forms table (must be logged in to see table).   
  • These are the same forms that are listed in your Open Forms page.


Teacher information will be populated for each student within the first few weeks after the start of school. Teacher assignments will be given at Scorpion Day.



For questions regarding Springhill Registration contact webmaster@springhillpfc.org



Step 4 

SCORPION DAY - MONDAY, AUGUST 20th 8:00aM - 10:00aM

Bring BOTH your Resident Verification email confirmation AND RegHub/ LSD-Aeries email confirmation that you completed the Reghub/Springhill process to get into Scorpion Day and receive your child(ren)'s teacher information. 


  • What exactly are these two papers?The email from residency@lafsd.org stating: "Your 2018-2019  Proof of Residency has been verified. Please keep a copy of this email for your records. Thank you. "   You should have received when you did Residency Verification. Please contact msibley@lafsd.org for any questions regarding this email.


  • You'll also need the LSD-Aries email confirmation showing you entered/verified your student's Reghub information in system (which is at the District level). The subject line of that email (which comes from LSD-Aries) will read something like 'Student Data Confirmation for: (your child's name)...'



Why am I filling out contact information in Reghub/LSD-Aries AND Springhill PFC Website?

The Reghub/LSD-Aries is the district level system so things like progress reports. Our Springhill PFC Website is what we use for our school directory and to communicate ongoing events specific to Springhill as well as signups and purchases and thus need each family to create an account in this tool regardless of publishing preferences in the directory.  


What is Scorpion Day?

  • A chance to obtain your child's teacher information
  • Learn more about Springhill and various programs
  • Anyone is welcome to attend including your child! 

To help with flow and parking we ask that you adhere to these specific times:

Monday, August 20th, 2018

8:00am-8:30am      New Families 

8:30am-9:15am      Returning Families A-L

9:15am-10:00am    Returning Families M-Z
10:30am-11:00am  Kindergarten Lemonade Day





You're done! Now we hope you continue to make an effort to get involved, volunteer, or just say hi. The more we work together as a community to build an education for our children the better our community as a whole. 


For any questions regarding Springhill PFC and how you can be a part of your child's school experience please contact Danielle Gallagher, president of this year's PFC at  president@springhillpfc.org.