Springhill Spanish Program


What: Springhill's popular fee-based Spanish Program partners with Lafayette's Viva El Español to offer school-site Spanish classes before school.


Who: Springhill students 1st - 5th grade


Where: Classes take place in either library or multi-purpose room


When: School days before school 7:45am to 8:15am. 


Contact: Visit www.vivaelespanol.org for more information


Q & A 

Who runs the Spanish Program at Springhill?

Springhill partners with Viva El Español for Spanish Language instruction. Please see their website for detailed information.


How do I register for this program?

Visit www.vivaelespanol.org and search their School Based Program. Their registration is done via Active network. 


What are the levels they offer?

Currently they are offering beginning courses for 1st and 2nd graders. They offer continuing Spanish language to 3rd-5th graders.



Volunteer Opportunities

None needed

Updated: June 19, 2019