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What does Personalized Content mean?

We occasionally will have the need to publish information for specific groups that is not relevant to the entire Springhill Community. For example if you are a Room Parent and there is specific Room Parent information you may need to know. Or if your child is in the 5th Grade Play and there is specific information for you. We will place "personalized content" in this menu section. 


How do I know if I have Personalized Content?

If you navigate to Home | My Personalized Content  and then don't see additional content as a submenu from there, you don't have any content specific to you. Don't feel bad, most people will not have Personalized Content.


What if I think I should have access to Personalized Content but I don't?

If you belong to a group that has given you notification of content that is available on PFC Website and you are not seeing a submenu contact webmaster@springhillpfc.org and let them know what content/group you think you should be a part of and we will investigate for you. Please just be sure that the content actually exists and you just don't have access before asking, thank you!





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