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If you are new to Springhill Elementary or considering Springhill, first of all, welcome! We know navigating a new school can be stressful and we'd like to help you along your journey. We were all "new" once too and would love to help a fellow neighbor, just make yourself known!


Scorpion Days

Each school in the Lafayette area holds their "mascot days" usually as close to the actual first day of school as possible. Each year "mascot day" falls on different days so check the appropriate school site for your school's "mascot day". The elementary, middle and high school will stagger their days so parents with kids in different grade schools can attend them as needed. This day is pretty important as we try to take care of ALL or most of the busy paperwork that needs to happen when you first start school. Springhill will mail Scorpion Day packets in late summer. It's very important you try to complete all of the information sent to you prior to the actual mascot day.


For Springhill, you'll use this website for registration (the packet will instruct you with URL info). You'll be walked through prompts getting you through everything from updating your personal information, purchasing appropriate items like spirit wear or Fall Picnic bands, and general school district requirements. Some may feel duplicative but if you plan on spending a quality uninterrupted appropriate amount of time getting through registration, you'll spend fewer hours of confusion and inappropriate interruptions throughout the school year. So plan ahead! Don't miss Scorpion Day, register early, and you'll thank yourself later. IMPORTANT: You find out your child's teacher assignment on Scorpion Day.


Springhill PFC Website

During Scorpion Day, you'll be asked to register an account into our Parent/Teacher website called "Springhill PFC Website". This website uses a backend tool called "Membership Toolkit" to help us properly set up all families including their contact information, volunteer interest, etc. We distribute a very informative weekly newsletter called Springhill Spotlight out of this website. Every family is asked to create an account on the PFC website. This does not mean you are a member of PFC or have to volunteer. Signing up is free. By doing this, you will ensure you will receive the newsletter, ongoing communications, register for volunteer opportunities, purchase items, and access our school directory* (*for PFC members only). Of course, all of your information is kept private, you may choose to select what level of communications you prefer, and we never, ever, ever, ever sell or mishandle your information. The people who set up the website are parents too! 


New Buddies Coffee

When you receive your Scorpion Day packet, new families are asked if they would like to be paired with an existing family to help them manage their first few weeks of school. The New Buddies coordinator will pair families together and will contact you letting you know information on your mentor. During the first week (usually the first day of school or near that), there will be a New Buddies Coffee held somewhere in Springhill (either someone's home or nearby venue) so you can meet other new families and mingle with existing Springhill families. Take advantage of this because once this passes, things start moving fast and it's hard to latch on to what's going on with everyone in "go" mode!


Kindergarten Families

Everyone has a soft spot for Kindergartners and their families! You may be starting this school business for the first time. The best advice most of us have ever heard is this...remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint, pace yourself. You'll find out all of the information you will need to know with your packet of information once you register at Springhill. You'll receive your Scorpion Day information just like all the other grades. But for those that are doing their homework early a few things to note... Kindergarten registration usually happens in January of the previous year. So if this is your first rodeo, stay on top of this. Contact your local school a year before your little one may be scheduled to start to understand what you should expect. Don't be surprised by strict birth date deadlines.


There is a Transitional Kindergarten program for children whose birthdays are in early fall (Sep-Dec) in Lafayette but it's shared amongst the different elementary schools with normally Happy Valley and Burton Valley hosting a TK class though Springhill has had them in the past.


Registration for Kindergarten is fairly straightforward. You will be given some paperwork that may involve some planning such as doctor visits for immunizations. You will feel a lot better if you handle this way ahead of time and enjoy the actual moment your child first starts school. During Scorpion Day, there is almost always a 'Lemonade Day' for Kindergartners. Unlike all the other grades, you do get a special event to help you meet families that may be starting new as well. Lemonade Day is a very casual get together after your Scorpion Day registration that takes place near the Kindergarten rooms (all of them are located at the front quad near the multipurpose room). Usually, you just walk over there WITH your kindergartner to have some lemonade and meet some families. You'll notice that at Springhill, Kindergartner rooms are off on their own and have their own playground equipment. We want to keep them safe! Kindergarten classes are divided into "morning" and "afternoon" groups. You'll know what group you get on Scorpion Day. Kindergarten schedule:


Kindergarten AM - 8:15-12:45

Kindergarten PM - 9:30-2:00

Wednesday (ALL) - 8:15-11:45


Probably the most important thing a new Kindergarten family can do is stay involved. Find out what you can help with in both your classes and at school. The beautiful thing about a community at our school is that the people are always turning over, everyone wants the best for their families, and the best can only be achieved if we all feel a sense of belonging and responsibility. Don't be shy to volunteer in your child's classroom or for any new event. Then soon you'll be showing new kindergarten families the ropes!


Residency Verification

With your Scorpion Day packet of information, you will be asked to verify your residency. This is also very important to take care of BEFORE Scorpion Day. You'll see hours and time when the district offices and Springhill are open to accept that information. It's very specific and you'll need to strictly comply. We have had families removed from the school when verification was not met. We don't state the verification items here because they may change from time to time. 


Springhill PFC 101

By now we hope you are wondering "What the heck is Springhill PFC". It stands for Parent Faculty Club. We are NOT officially a PTA (we chose not to belong to the PTA organization). But our mission is basically the same. It's the liaison between the school and the families. We have a board, and bylaws, regular meetings, teacher representation and manage most non-curricular activities at Springhill. We work closely with the principal and faculty to ensure our kid's needs are being met and teachers and faculty are being supported. It takes a village! All PFC members are volunteers. This website is our official PFC website and maintained by volunteers (hence the lack of updates sometimes!). PFC is not scary, you should not avoid us at drop off (unless we smell, then you know the morning we have had and please, by all means, avoid). Important things to note:

  • You do not need to join PFC to have an account on this website.
  • PFC helps distribute necessary non-curricular funding for equipment and events to the school.
  • PFC works closely with LPIE for comprehensive Lafayette school district funding.
  • We are always, always, always thankful and appreciative of new faces.
  • Please visit our About PFC page for more info.


What is LPIE?

LPIE stands for Lafayette Partners in Education. It's an organization set up to basically handle the deficit in funding given by the state for the entire city of Lafayette. We all highly value our good school system in this area. Housing is reflective of this. However, at times, because of the disparity, the state or district is forced to distribute funding unequally amongst school districts in the area. Lafayette is heavily burdened. It is left to a cohesive organization such as LPIE and the local Parent/Teacher organization to help make up the difference in funding. Because of LPIE Springhill can count on things like:

  • Classroom Aides
  • Science Labs
  • Music Program
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Math, Writing, and Reading Instruction
  • Teacher Summer Collaboration
  • Health Education (5th Grade)
  • Social Science Lessons
  • Student Services 

The funding for LPIE is significant but their contribution is EXTREMELY significant. PFC and LPIE work together annually to decide what funds will be distributed appropriately. In the past, PFC has helped fund things such as infrastructure (new playground and picnic areas) and LPIE has helped supplement instruction. LPIE is a significant player in our community and we highly encourage you to learn more about the organization and how it helps ALL of the schools in the are by visiting their LPIE Website.


 Creating a PFC Website Account - New Family Registration

If you come into the school year at the beginning of the school, you'll go through Scorpion Day registration and will be asked to create an account via a specific website that ties into the district. This information is meant for those coming in mid-year.


Presumably, you have done what you needed to do for the district. When in doubt check with the Springhill Front Office for information. 


You'll need to create and register an account on the PFC Website:

  1. Create an Account (tip - use an email address you check as the newsletter will be delivered here)
  2. Enter your Personal Information as complete as possible (you can always come back and edit)
  3. You will need to open and complete ALL forms in the Open Forms page. Some forms will go away once you complete. If forms can be re-used, they will remain in your Open Forms page.
  4. For purchases we use PayPal. You do not need to have a PayPal account, you may use a credit card.


Our School

Once again, we welcome all new families and hope their transition into Springhill is positive and well regarded. If at any time you are not feeling supported or welcome, please speak up! We would never want a neighbor to feel like they aren't quite part of the community. 


Now that your past Springhill beginner course, it's time to find out more about Springhill. Take time to visit this website. You'll find a ton of useful information. 

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