What: Help support our Student Council and enjoy a tasty treat!  Frozen Friday treats may only be purchased using Frozen Friday punch cards. TREATS MAY NOT BE PURCHASED WITH CASH AT THE CART.  10-Treat Punch Cards (11th Free) are $20.


Who: Run and managed by our very own Student Council, all proceeds go to Student Council


Where: Frozen Friday cart sets up outside the library


When: Most Fridays after school at 2:42 pm. 


*Please note Frozen Friday is not available at Kindergarten dismissal time, but Kinders are welcome to come at 2:42 to pick up their treat.


Chair: Cassie Sanders



Purchase Punch Card


Frozen Friday FAQ's

How much are the treats and card?

10-Treat Punch Cards (11th Free) are $20 


How do I purchase a card?

Punch cards may only be purchased online. Cards will be delivered to your child's classroom by Student Council. Deadline to purchase is Thursday of each week by 1pm.



What if I can't remember if I purchased a card online already?

Check the form. If you purchased it will show a red "# purchased before". You may purchase again but this will remind you that you did. However, no refunds for lost cards.  You can also look in your previous orders at the top of the website.


Can I pay cash at the cart?

Not this year. 


Are there refunds?

Sorry but no.


What if I lose my card?

Sorry but no. 


Where will the cart be located?

Outside the library 


Can I bring my treat to the bus?

No, there is no food allowed on the bus. 


Can I buy a card for my Kindergarten student?

Kindergarten students are welcome, just note that Frozen Friday is not served at Kindergarten dismissal times.  If you purchase a card for your Kinder, please be sure you can come at 2:42 pm.


What if I'm in Kids Hideout?

From Hideout: We ask that you fill out their Extra Curricular Activity Form and return to Hideout. Please indicate that your child will arrive late at 3 pm.  Please instruct your child to come directly to Hideout once s/he gets his/her treat.  S/he will be allowed to eat it at the snack table once s/he checks in at Hideout. Please let them know that they may not socialize with friends down at Frozen Friday because we will be expecting them, and if they do not arrive by 3 pm, a teacher will have to go out looking for them. This can compromise the safety of our program. Thanks for support as we navigate this new program!


Where are the funds going for Frozen Fridays?

Funds will be used for Student Council purposes. Student Council will work with PFC to handle the monetary transactions.


Who do I contact for more questions about this program?

Please contact Cassie Sanders cusanders@gmail.com for questions.

Updated: August 1, 2019