Executive Board

Our PFC is made up of hard-working parents & teachers who pool their talents to provide practical support for our school. Those listed below volunteered to provide leadership this year. Get to know their names and faces, and feel free to ask them if you have questions.


Interested in open board positions for 2020-21? Contact us at board@springhillpfc.org 


Email List of 2019-20 Board Member Positions

PFC Position



President Susan Wiggen president@springhillpfc.org

VP Communications

Liz Keyser

VP Fundraising Jeni Kim fundraising@springhillpfc.org
VP Social

Marissa Silva



Rachel Schmidt secretary@springhillpfc.org
Treasurer (Receipts)
Kevin Dunphy ar.treasurer@springhillpfc.org
Treasurer (Disbursements)
Kristina Massey ap.treasurer@springhillpfc.org

Legislative Representative

Supicha Castro
Parliamentarian Danielle Gallagher
Principal Mette Thallaug mthallau@lafsd.org
Teacher Representative

Bridget Quinn


Teacher Representative Sarah Dolphin



PFC Executive Board Job Descriptions

All board representatives are expected to attend all board and general meetings, encouraged to help with PFC events & endeavours, and most importantly communicate with the gross parent and staff population by informing and correcting information being discussed on and off campus. All should also have read both the Springhill PFC Bylaws, LPIE Bylaws, and Rapport Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Rapport MOU refers to all four elementary schools and Stanley Middle School creating an agreement to abide by.


* Each Board member to attend one LAFSD General Board Meeting per year.



  • Attend weekly meeting with Principal and PFC VP Communications

  • Attend monthly Rapport meeting (the 2nd Tuesday of each month) and forward information to Executive Board

  • Attend all Spirit Wednesdays to increase PFC presence and communication with parents & faculty

  • Create agenda for each board and general meeting (board members expected to forward new items three weeks prior to each general meeting). From the Springhill PFC Bylaws: Notice of a meeting must be included in two (2) school newsletters or a separate mailing distributed at least two (2) weeks prior to the meeting. The notice of any meeting at which Directors are to be elected shall include the names of all persons who are nominees.

  • Oversee (but not lead) events including…Scorpion Day/Lemonade Day, Room parent info meeting

  • Forward general meeting agenda to VP Communications two weeks prior to all meetings to be sent via E-blast.

  • Add Springhill PFC events and meeting dates to PFC calendar and shared District/Rapport Google calendar (all school reps can view as to not double book dates).

VP Communications

  • Attend weekly meeting with Principal and PFC President

  • Attend monthly Rapport meeting (the 2 nd Tuesday of each month)

  • Attend all Spirit Wednesdays to increase PFC presence and communication with parents & faculty

  • Update newsletter Google doc each week for Spotlight editor.

  • Update website as needed (current events, meeting agendas & minutes, etc.)

  • Approve/send all communications through E-blasts, room parent emails, and flyers in Friday bags.

  • Post general meeting agenda in two newsletters prior to meeting and post minutes two weeks following meeting. Other options include e-blast or email through room parents.

VP Fundraising

  • Community Building – maintain and promote the community spirit of Springhill through fundraising events.

  • Oversee (but not lead) events including…Fall Parent Social, Reservoir Run, Walkathon, Book Fair

  • Advertise and encourage parents to sign up for rebate income programs (Escrip, AmazonSmile, etc…)

VP Social

  • Community Building – maintain and promote the community spirit of Springhill through social events.

  • Oversee (but not lead) events including… Welcome Back Coffee, New Families/Buddies Welcome Coffee, Back to School Fall Picnic, Fall Parent Social, Mom’s Night Outs (2-3 times/year), Restaurant Nights, etc.

  • Meet with social event chairs over the summer to organize and look through PFC decoration inventory.


  • PFC Board Meetings - Print/Copy agenda and minutes from prior meeting (13 copies of each for board meetings).

  • PFC General Meeting - Print/Copy agenda and minutes from prior meeting (25 copies of each for general meetings).

  • Bring sign-in sheet to all meetings and include names in meeting minutes

  • Book two babysitters for all evening general meetings (coordinate payment with the treasurer of disbursements)

  • Bring coffee and bagels/muffins to all morning general meetings (reimbursement will be provided)Friday Bags – Print copies to place in teacher boxes to be distributed through Friday bags for various announcements/events as directed by VP of Communications or President.

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Send minutes to executive board for amendments within 48 hours and request board to reply within one day with revisions.

  • Send copy of minutes (titled “DRAFT”) to newsletter email address (enewsletter@springhillpfc.org) by Sunday to post in Tuesday newsletter for two weeks. Forward agendas, draft minutes, and approved meeting minutes to PFC website editor to upload.

Treasurer – Receipts

  • Deposit all cash/checks/electronic payments each month

  • Provide purchase lists from various sales to committee chairs (yearbook, spirit wear, etc…)

  • Oversee (but not lead) efforts including… yearbook sales, spirit wear sales, etc.

  • Solicit corporate matching donations

Treasurer – Budget/Disbursements

  • Disburse payments to all staff (approved by Principal) and committee chairs (approved by board members).

  • Print/Copy budget for board meetings (13 copies) and general meetings (25 copies). Present budget at first general meeting for approval.

  • Communicate with staff & committee chairs budgeted amounts available throughout the year.

Legislative Representative

  • Review LAFSD Board Meeting agendas, attend when appropriate and report back to Springhill Board with information.

  • Submit entry to e-newsletter with legislative or LAFSD news as necessary.

  • Springhill point person for any district parcel tax or bond measures.

  • Attend monthly Las Trampas PTA meetings (all other Lafayette PO Leg Reps attend and collaborate).


  • Attend all LPIE Board Meetings and report back to Springhill Board with information.

  • Coordinate thank you gifts for various fundraising chairs (reimbursed through PFC budget)

  • Coordinate thank you gifts for supplemental staff (not otherwise covered by room parent contributions), special education teachers (not otherwise covered) and office manager.

  • Lead nominating committee of three minimum volunteers to nominate both board and chair positions for the following school year. To be completed by May 1 st each year. President to appoint one board member and one general member to committee.

  • Support and assist President as needed Principal

  • Attend weekly meeting with President & VP Communications

  • Communicate all school-wide event dates

  • Report back communications from LAFSD Governing Board Meetings

Teacher Representatives

  • Communicate needs and expectations of teachers throughout the year.

  • Collect information and suggest budget changes for various grade level and staff budget items

LPIE Representatives (non-voting)

  • Organize group of volunteers to create LPIE Art Folders for each student in each class. One volunteer per class advised.

  • Coordinate LPIE Art Fair – Find Art Chairs, get grade level volunteers to create art folders at beginning of year (LPIE Art instructors or teachers stuff folders throughout the year).

  • Coordinate LPIE Science Fair – Find Science Fair Chairs, forward information from LPIE to PFC.