Classroom Volunteer Role Descriptions

If you wish to volunteer for one of the jobs listed below, you will have an opportunity to sign up on Back to School Night in your child’s new classroom. If you do not get a chance to sign up, please communicate with your Room Parent who is responsible for ensuring roles are filled.



Volunteer Coordinator: The Volunteer Coordinator organizes parent volunteers by creating a monthly volunteer calendar with the names of parents who have volunteered for stations within the classroom (e.g., Math stations, Read Naturally, Writer’s Workshop, Key Words, Science Lab, Friday folders).

Classroom Party Planner: The Party Planner coordinates parent volunteers and supplies needed for class parties with the assistance of the Room Parent and as directed by the teacher.

Field Trip Coordinator: The Field Trip Coordinator obtains parent chaperones and confirms insurance information in the office.



Library Volunteer: Parents who sign up to volunteer in the library will assist during their child’s library hour by helping children sign in and out books and assisting with shelving books, as needed. There will be a training at the beginning of the year.



Yearbook Classroom Representative: The Classroom Representatives are responsible for the Class Collage, which is featured opposite the student portraits page. In addition, the Rep is asked to help take and gather classroom specific pictures during the school the year (Camps, Field Trips, Big & Little Buddies, etc). These photos are shared with Committee Members to use throughout the Yearbook.



Classroom Technology Support:  Tech savvy” parent who can help serve as a point person for the classroom teacher.  With the transition to greater technological use within the classroom, teachers may need support navigating technological demands.  Responsibilities will vary by classroom, but the classroom tech support should be comfortable helping with student projects (e.g., setting up the technological portion), troubleshooting equipment, etc. 



LPIE Art Class Rep:  The art representative is the liaison between their classroom and the Springhill Art Fair Chairs. 

- Create art folders for each student in their classroom in the fall

- Helps LPIE Art Instructor to ensure that every student in their  classroom has a piece of art that will be displayed at the art fair

- Help with set-up and take down of the LPIE Art Fair in May



Classroom Kindness Rep: Kindness Classroom Representative: A new position at Springhill this year, this parent will be invited to create monthly kindness opportunities, support students and teachers in building cultures of kindness inside of the classroom and beyond. Examples include kindness themed posters, participating in school-wide kindness activities and coordinating with Kindness Committee Chairs to support ongoing efforts.



Garden Coordinator: Organize parent volunteers in your class to help direct the students as they engage in the garden. The students will be working on tending, planting, and discovering the garden. This year we will even be nurturing plants and seedlings in preparation for our spring plant sale! We need one parent each week we visit the garden.