What: Donate and purchase used books for 25 cents. Funds go to our library.


Who: Anyone can donate and purchase books


Where: Books available near Multipurpose Room


When: First Tuesday of the month. Kindergarten sales outside K rooms from 11:30-11:50. Grades 1-5 books are available during lunch recess.


Co-Chairs: Stephanie Asadorian, Nicole Tamayo


SPRINGHILL bargain Books FAQ's


Where can I donate used books?

There is a box where we collect books in the lobby of the Multi Purpose Room. Just drop them off there any time. We especially like chapter books.


When are books sold?

First Tuesday of the month.


How much are books?

25 cents for any book.


Who do I contact for more questions about this program?

Please contact Stephanie Asadorian or Nicole Tamayo for questions.


Volunteer Opportunities

We need people to help sell books each Tuesday (see times listed above). 

Updated: June 18, 2018